A Blogging Announcement



Hi internet friends and dear readers! I have no recipes to share with you today. Today, all I have for you is an announcement. After much consideration, I have decided to take an indefinite break from blogging. As much as I have enjoyed creating and sharing recipes with all of you here, it is an endeavor that takes up a lot of my free time, time that I should be devoting to other things. For those of you who are bloggers, you know that there is a lot of work involved apart from what you see on the screen. For me, the non-cooking behind scene component takes a lot more time than the actual cooking process, the part that I enjoy most.

I will miss connecting with the internet friends that I have made. It has been a pleasure to get to know you all, to read about your stories, to see your work. I will continue to pop in to say "Hi!" from time to time. Please feel free to do the same. My contact information remains unchanged.

Thank you to regular viewers who I may not hear from but who continue to visit this blog weekly. I appreciate each and every one of you!!

I hope to blog again someday down the road...I'm not sure when. Until then, take care and be well!


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Roasted Asparagus Carrot Bundles with Walnuts and Goat Cheese Drizzle


These Roasted Asparagus Carrot Bundles with Walnuts and Goat Cheese Drizzle are a burst of spring  flavors on a plate. Not only is this healthy veggie side dish going to make your family happy, it is also fancy enough for entertaining.

Roasted Asparagus Carrot Bundles with Walnuts and Goat Cheese Drizzle

It's the end of another holiday weekend. I hope you are not feeling too guilty about what you ate. Did you have more ham, lamb, and fixin's than you should have? Were the desserts too good to pass up? Was the Easter Bunny too generous with the chocolates and other confections?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above, then these asparagus bundles will help offset the guilt of any excessive dietary indiscretion. These bundles are tasty, colorful, and healthy. Asparagus and parboiled carrots are bundled in a hollowed out tomato and roasted simply with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. They are served with a goat cheese, sour cream,  and lemon drizzle. For a finishing touch, chopped walnut adds crunch and interest.

Jalapeño Shredded Beef and Polenta


Fork tender slow cooker beef with jalapeño peppers on a bed of creamy instant polenta is a comforting and hearty meal. For those who are not fans of heat, this dish can easily be adjusted to suit your taste.

Jalapeno Shredded Beef and Polenta

Happy spring everyone!! Do you know that today is the first day of the glorious season of life and rebirth? Ironically, we are welcoming it here in Central Mass with a snowstorm. Winter has been good to us this year, but it is going out in a blaze of glory. The flakes are due to start tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that we won't get more than six inches!

Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is going to get merrier with the addition of these Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting to kick things up a notch.

Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting


When I posted this recipe in preparation for Easter a couple of weeks ago, I totally overlooked St. Patrick's Day. This has to be remedied ASAP! These tasty little cupcakes with a boozy kick are going to be welcomed at any dessert table celebrating the Irish holiday. They will get you dancing a jig and put a spring in your steps!

Quest for the Perfect Vietnamese Baguette ( Banh Mi )


The Vietnamese Baguette or Banh Mi with its light and airy interior and crispy and flaky crust is a bread that is hard to replicate in a home kitchen. Here is my attempt to recreate it in my kitchen. Pretty good, I must say.


I'm Vietnamese. My blood is part soy sauce. It's one of my favorite condiments and flavoring agent. When it comes to eating crusty bread, I enjoy it smothered with butter like everyone else, but I also love it with just healthy sprinkling of soy sauce. Never tried it? You should! I have been craving it more lately and have bought more baguettes then usual.

Mini Carrot Loaves


Everything is better in mini form. These cinnamon, ginger, and clove spiced Mini Carrot Loaves are perfect with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of milk. Keep these in mind for Easter treats!
Mini Carrot Loaves

When my favorite shows were off the air during the winter TV hiatus, I watched a couple of programs I have not viewed before. One was Kids Baking Championship on the Food Network. Have you ever seen it? I was quite impressed with the amazing little bakers who competed on the show. Not only were they adorable and incredibly talented, but they were also precocious, creative, and smart. These competitive 10-13 year olds can think on the fly and run circles around me in the kitchen. The amount of knowledge and skills the baking prodigies acquired in their young lives is nothing short of impressive. The winner went home with a $25,000 grand prize. Not bad, huh? But I did  find it heartbreaking when they got eliminated: it's tough to see kids cry after they have given their all.