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January 21, 2021


You don’t have to use the oven to make bagel chips. Microwave them! It’s a great way to make a small batch for a snack or appetizer. These Microwave Everything Bagel Chips are crispy, crunchy and delicious! As a bonus, they’re much cheaper than store bought. 

Microwave Everything Bagel Chips
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Making your own bagel chips is easy and saves you money. Cooking them in the microwave does not sacrifice the crispiness or crunchiness of oven baked. Nope! It doesn’t require the best bagel to make either. In fact, any inexpensive supermarket brand will do! 

Microwaving is an ideal way to quickly make a small batch of bagel chips. Did you know that it takes less time to make a single serving of bagel chips in the microwave than it takes for the oven to preheat to the proper temp? How about that?

January 13, 2021



Large casserole macaroni with ham and peas in a cheesy Alfredo sauce makes a quick and complete weeknight dinner. This is a great way to turn unused deli ham into a meal.

Ham and Peas Macaroni Alfredo
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Update: This post was updated on January 10, 2021 with new images, but the blog content remains the same. The recipe has also been updated since its original publication on October 2013.

Avery, a two-year old in my day care, is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. When her hair is in a ponytail, she looks just like “Boo”, the little girl from Monsters Inc. Up until recently, Avery had been the youngest child in the group, but she inspired all of the older children to use their manners. They applied it more frequently after seeing how she got praised for using hers. Avery often says “thank you” when I change her diaper, when I hand her an item, when I serve her food. In fact, when I fed her soup for lunch last week, she thanked me in her little squeaky voice before taking each bite…all twenty five spoonfuls! How cute is that?

December 30, 2020



This savory tart is filled with spinach, artichoke, feta and sour cream baked in a buttery, flaky crust. With pumpkin seeds for crunch and lemon juice for brightness, it makes a delicious simple dish for brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

Spinach Artichoke and Feta Tart
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I love to make spinach dip and my friend, Caitlin, whips up the best spanakopita. We recently shared our respective dishes with each other, which inspired me to create this tart. I combined elements from both recipes, added a couple of things for good measure, and it turned out amazing!

December 08, 2020



If peanut butter cookies are your thing, these will be calling your name! They are thick, with crispy edges, a chewy center, and loaded with mini peanut butter cups and chocolate chips. A favorite cookie year round, these beauties are especially delicious around the holiday season.

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
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Peanut butter cups are one of my all-time favorite candies, which makes these cookies so dangerous! It’s a good thing my husband and son love them as much as I do, otherwise I would eat them all!! They have just the right amount of tenderness and just the right amount of chew. With peanut butter and chocolate in every bite, I simply want to keep on eating. They are so addictive!

November 17, 2020



You’re not going to miss Chinese takeout once you had this lobster sauce! Consisting of ground pork and tender shrimp in a savory brown sauce, it is quick and easy to make. Serve with white rice for a filling and satisfying meal.

Paul’s Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
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As you might have guessed, I’m the main cook in my household, but my husband knows how to find his way in the kitchen as well. In fact, he has some signature dishes that are well loved. One of them is this lobster sauce. It is full of ground pork and shrimp in a flavorful sauce. It is a no-fuss meal that can be on the table within 30 minutes.

November 04, 2020



These buttery and tender thumbprint cookies are filled with chocolate peppermint spread and rimmed with crushed peppermint candy. They are the perfect treat for winter baking and the holidays.  

Chocolate Peppermint Thumbprint Cookies
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We are finally inching towards the end of a long year! Yay! Since it’s November, I can finally kick off the cookie baking season without feeling like I’m jumping the gun. What better to start with than thumbprint cookies! 

A beloved classic, they can be filled with jam or any other kind of deliciousness. I think the appeal of thumbprint cookies, besides the butteriness, tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth attributes, is the versatility. Just change the filling to create a different flavor profile. 

October 27, 2020



Yakamein is a delicious and nourishing soup that is a blend of Chinese and New Orleans cuisine. This version has noodles, pork, hard boiled egg, and bok choy in a flavorful broth. It will warm you up and satisfy your palate!

Roast Pork Yakamein Soup
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Yakamein is a soup with a fusion of Chinese and New Orleanian influence. There are numerous variations of its name including, but not limited to: yaka mein, ya ka mein, and yet gaw mein. Originated in New Orleans, yakamein soup is also known as “Old Sober” for its hangover curative qualities. 

While there are different versions, it is generally made with well seasoned beef broth, beef, spaghetti or noodle, hard boiled egg, green onion, and Cajun or Creole seasoning. Chicken, pork, and shrimp may also be used. It is served with soy sauce, hot sauce, or even ketchup as condiments.

October 06, 2020



If you like pumpkin, cream cheese, and Oreos, here is something for you! These moist pumpkin muffins have chunks of Oreos throughout and are capped off with a cream cheese topping. With warm spices and aroma of fall, they are perfect paired with a cup of coffee or latte for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Pumpkin Oreo Muffins with Cream Cheese
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And so another round of shortages has begun! I’m not surprised that paper towels are flying off the shelves, but I never would have thought there would be a run on pumpkin puree! I went to three different locations before finding a handful at one store this past weekend.

Thank goodness! I can’t fully enjoy fall without pumpkin baked goods. These muffins are my latest and greatest. They have solid stamp of approval from my tastes testers. Even my husband, who would never pick up anything pumpkin on his own free will, was won over by these tasty sweets.