September 11, 2013


Hot, milky, sweet, rich sweetened condensed milk drink served with Saltines or oyster crackers.  It is a drink to warm your spirits on a cold day.
Hot Sweetened Condensed Milk Drink and Crackers
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As the crisp, cool days become more frequent, I begin to think about the things that will keep me warm. I think about those blessed and cursed turtlenecks I will have to dig out of storage. Blessed because I NEED and wear them, every single day from October through March, to warm my reptilian blood. Cursed because I NEED and wear them every single day from October through March!

I also think about a sweetened condensed milk drink that I have had since I was a child. It warms the cockles of my heart every time I have it. It is hot, milky, sweet, and rich. What makes this beverage special is the salty cracker accompaniment. There are only two kinds that can be used—Saltines or oyster crackers and nothing else. Why? Because that is how I have always had it.

It is truly one of my life’s simple pleasures to sip and to dunk crackers into this steaming potion. When I bite into them, I get the sweet and salty combo that I love. Sometimes (okay, without exception) I can be found hunched over, spoon in one hand, feverishly scooping and inhaling the crackers that have been soaked and timed to perfection so that they are wet yet maintain body.  

Don’t judge me…it’s an art…it’s addicting…you’ll see!



heaping 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
8 oz. boiling water
Saltine crackers (original) or oyster crackers


Stir condensed milk into a cup of boiling water until dissolved. The drink is meant to be sweet. Add more condensed milk for desired sweetness, if needed. Enjoy with crackers.

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