December 08, 2013


Sometimes you all you need is a fried bologna sandwich. The addition of egg in this Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich takes it up a notch. Delish!

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich
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Don’t think less of me, but I like fried bologna sandwiches. There, I admitted it. It is not something that I regularly eat, but once in a while, I crave this no-nonsense, simple sandwich. I even make it the lazy way—by microwaving slices of bologna with one slice of good old American cheese and slapping them between two slices of toasted white sandwich bread. I don’t know why, but sometimes this humble sandwich (okay, two sandwiches) makes me as satisfied as any steak and potato dinner would. I know, totally weird.

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich On White Plate

Today, for you, I am going to take the time to dress up this guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t want to ruin the bologna experience by adding a bunch of other ingredients that would transform a perfectly simple sandwich into something it’s not. For me, the only thing that would make it better without violating my guideline of what a proper fried bologna sandwich should be is eggs…cooked over easy. The egg needs to be runny so that it oozes into the rest of the sandwich when broken. I also substituted the basic sandwich bread with beautiful brioche sandwich roll, buttered and toasted on one side.  

Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich, Cut and Sliced

Bologna has a bad rap. It is not something that you would want to serve your company. But if someone took the time to make this mouth watering sandwich for me, I would thank them sincerely and gleefully dig in. Yum!

A Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich, Closeup



3 thin sliced bologna (or more, entirely up to you)
1 egg
1 brioche sandwich roll, split in the middle
1 thick sliced American cheese 
about 1 tbsp. butter


Preheat a large skillet on medium heat. Add enough butter to lightly coat center. Add brioche, cut side down and cook until golden brown.  Remove and set aside.  

Add enough butter to lightly coat skillet. Add bologna and cook until it develops brown specks, a minute or two. Flip over and brown the second side. Place bologna on the bottom slice of the brioche.

Add more butter to skillet if needed, reduce heat to medium low. Crack egg into the center of skillet. Cook until whites are almost set, about a minute or two. Using a thin spatula, loosen the egg and gently flip over.Immediately add cheese. Cook egg for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Yolk should be soft and jiggly. Place egg on top of bologna. Top with the second slice of brioche. Makes 1 sandwich.

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