September 14, 2014



Salty Pimp Ice Cream Cone Fakeout is my at-home take on a popular menu item from Big Gay Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate coating makes this ice cream cone incredibly good and addicting!

Salty Pimp Ice Cream Cone Fakeout
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The crispness in the air, the cool temperature, the speckled leaves on the trees remind me that it is the middle of September, and one might say that I've come a little late in the season for an ice cream party. But that’s where they’re wrong: it’s never too late to have ice cream! Am I right? If you agree, I have got a recipe for you! 

This recipe was inspired by my New York City trip this summer with my husband and a couple of friends. One of our destinations was Big Gay Ice Cream where we had the most amazing treats. I had the Salty Pimp, a vanilla soft serve ice cream infused with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt, covered in a chocolate coating, and plopped on top of a cone which was drizzled with dulce de leche and sea salt. It was pure bliss. I knew I had to share the experience with you.

Salty Pimp Ice Cream Cone Fakeout

It all starts with soft serve ice cream. Since it is not an item many of us have in our home, and since I wanted to keep this recipe as easy as possible, I use regular vanilla ice cream. Big Gay injects dulce de leche into their soft serve once it is scooped onto the cone. I, on the other hand, layer softened vanilla ice cream in a container and drizzle each layer with dulce de leche before refreezing. The authentic Salty Pimp is dipped into a special chocolate glaze. I use store bought chocolate Magic Shell but jazz it up with a little pinch of cinnamon and chili powder (thanks Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate for the Salty Pimp's spice secret!)

Once the two main ingredients are prepped, assembly is quick and easy if you do one thing...make a drip tray for the cone to catch the chocolate dripping. It will spare you from a lot of agony. Trust me. Dipping the cone into chocolate proved to be VERY messy because the ice cream tends to fall of the cone. Let's just say, many things on the work surface end up brown. Keeping the cone upright and pouring magic shell on it is a better option but still produced an excessive amount of dripping on the cone. When I came up with the drip tray, it was life-changing.

Paper plate drip tray and an ice cream cone beside it

An ice cream cone inserted with a paper plate drip tray

I have had many great ice cream treats in my day, but Big Gay Ice Cream is one my the top two favorites. If you are in the East Village or West Village area in New York City, seek them out (also try the Rue McClanahan, an ice cream sandwich with pecan praline cookies and bourbon ice cream, while you're there...utter nirvana!). It is going to be worth your time. I guarantee!! 

In closing, I probably sound as if I am being paid to endorse this ice cream shop. Unfortunately, I am not. I enjoyed their ice cream and I just showing them some love!!

Salty Pimp Ice Cream Cone Fakeout



3 cups vanilla ice cream

1/2 generous cup dulce de leche (comes in a can)
6 wafer ice cream cups (cake cup size)
3/4 tsp. sea salt
1/8 scant tsp. ground cinnamon (optional)
1/8 scant tsp. chili powder (optional)
1 (7.25 oz.) container of chocolate Magic Shell
3 small paper plates


Soften ice cream at room temperature for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, make the drip trays by tracing the top of the cone on the center of each paper plate. Cut out a hole that is about 1/8" inside the line (you want the hole to be slightly smaller than the outline you just drew). Place dulce de leche in a microwaveable bowl an microwave for about 10 seconds or until it turns into spreadable consistency. Spread half of the ice cream into a 4-cup capacity plastic container. Spread or drizzle 2 tbsp. dulce de leche onto the ice cream. Top with the remaining ice cream. Spread or drizzle on 2 more tbsp. dulce de leche. Cover tightly with a lid and freeze about 1 hour.

Using a knife or spoon, spread 1 tsp. of the remaining dulce de leche on the inside of an ice cream cup. Sprinkle about 1/16 tsp. of the sea salt into a cup. Repeat for the remaining cups. Add cinnamon and chili powder to the Magic Shell container. Shake vigorously for 1 minute. Place two scoops of ice cream onto a cup. Sprinkle with 1/16 tsp. sea salt. Slip on the drip tray so it sits just below the lip of the cup. Slowly squeeze a little bit of the Magic Shell on the the ice cream, rotating and tilting the cup slightly to spread the chocolate. Allow it to firm up slightly. Repeat several times until the ice cream is covered in chocolate. Carefully slide the cup out of the drip tray, wipe clean, and reuse (use the backup drip trays if needed). Assemble the remaining cups. Enjoy! Makes 6 servings.

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    1. Wow!! How cool is this?!!! I never thought I would hear from you! I'm so glad you liked my post. Love your shop. Love your ice cream. Here are my links:

      Thanks for visiting and for posting my sites, Dough! Don't know when I'll be in NYC again, but for sure I will be having one of your ice cream when I'm there!