December 13, 2018



Creamy no-bake white chocolate fudge, stuffed with velvety soft Oreo truffle, offers a little something for everyone. Topped with chopped walnuts and sprinkles, they are festive and perfect for the holidays.

Oreo Truffle Stuffed White Chocolate Fudge
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Based on my last three posts, you would think that I am changing this little blog into a desserts only platform. Let's see—first there were the Gingerbread Lace Cookies, followed by Gingerbread Donuts with Brown Butter Glaze. This fudge post makes it three sweets in a row, which is not a typical occurrence on this blog. After all, this is the best time of year for baking and sweets, and I am on a roll! If you are looking for a changeup, the next post will be something savory. I promise! 

Right now, think we could use some more sweets in our lives, and it should be in the form of these yummy Oreo stuffed fudge. If you're like me, we need the extra sugar rush and boost of energy for the tail end of Christmas shopping. I like to do the bulk of mine from the comfort of my own home. But all that finger tapping and clicking on my laptop take up a lot of calories. I need to replenish...a lot! Bwahaha!!

Oreo Truffle Stuffed White Chocolate Fudge

Making this fudge is easy, but I have one word of caution: do not overheat the white chocolate. It tends to be a little temperamental and is prone to seizing when overheated. I like to microwave chocolate. For perfect result, cook at 50% power at short intervals, stirring after each. This prevents the chocolate from getting too hot and clumpy. Just a few extra seconds of cooking in the microwave can mean the difference between smooth, fluid white chocolate and a hard, unworkable mass. Keep this in mind when working with chocolate and you're golden.

For this recipe, Oreo truffles are sandwiched in between two layers of fudge. I microwave the white chocolate in two batches. Why? I want the second layer of chocolate to remain pourable and tacky so that the nuts and sprinkles can adhere. I also want to avoid reheating white chocolate as it may  cause the chocolate to seize. Microwaving chocolate in two batches ensures that the second layer is perfect and ready when I am.

Oreo Truffle Stuffed White Chocolate Fudge

If you prefer to cook your chocolate on the stovetop, that's fine too. Just place a heat-resistant bowl over a pot of barely simmering water (without touching the water), then add the chocolate, condensed milk, salt, and vanilla. Stir until melted and remove the bowl from the heat. If the chocolate gets too hot while setting over the heat, it may seize up.

What should you do if the white chocolate seizes? 

You can actually rescue chocolate that has seized. Stirring in hot water (yes water!), one teaspoon at time, will transform a clumpy mass of chocolate to a more fluid consistency. Oil, butter, cream can also be used. I've seized plenty of chocolate in my time, and water is what I choose to come to the rescue.

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Oreo Truffle Stuffed White Chocolate Fudge


9 Oreo cookies
2 ounces room temperature cream cheese
14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
16 ounces white chocolate chips
1 1/2 teaspoons clear vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoons salt
1/3 cup chopped walnuts
sprinkles for decorating


Place Oreos into a small food processor or blender. Pulse until cookies are course crumbs. Add cream cheese. Process until cream cheese is incorporated and mixture is clumpy. Roll into 1/2 -inch balls (about 25 total). Chill for at least 20 minutes.

Place half of the condensed milk, chocolate chips, vanilla, and salt in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds on 50% power. Stir, even if it does not look melted. Microwave for 20 seconds at 50% power. Stir well. Chocolate may be lumpy but will melt as you stir. Microwave 20 seconds, if needed and stir. Chocolate should be smooth and creamy. Allow to cool slightly.

Pour chocolate into an 8x8-inch baking pan that has been prepared with cooking spray and lined with parchment paper. Spread even. Add chilled Oreo truffles, in even rows of 5 or at random, pushing slightly into the fudge. 

Microwave the second half of the fudge mixture in the same manner as the first. Allow to cool slightly. Pour over truffles. Spread even. Press in nuts and sprinkles. Chill for 2 to 4 hours or until firm. 

Cut into serving size. If truffles were lined up evenly, cut so that Oreos are in the center of each piece. If truffles were placed at random, parts of truffles will be showing on the face of the fudge pieces.

Makes about 25 pieces, depending on how large they are cut.


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  1. These are amazing! Love the oreo white chocolate combo. My boyfriend would just love these so much :-)

    1. Thanks Danielle! Oreo and white chocolate are great together and I'm so glad your boyfriend would be a fan of these!!

  2. Oh my, how decadent! I love these, Thao!! Oreo goes sooo good with white chocolate. Perfect for the holidays!

    1. Thanks Katherine! Oreos and white chocolate go so well together. But then again, doesn't Oreo go with everything? 😉

  3. Oh, my gosh, what decadent, over the top fudge! Perfect for holiday gifting, but I'd have trouble letting this leave the house!!

    1. Ha ha! Maybe doubling is in order? Have a wonderful Christmas Liz!!

  4. I might be a bit too sugary to me but Ive to say your fudge is very Xmassy :)

    1. I hear you! The cream cheese in the truffle helps cut down the sweetness of the fudge, but unless you have a real sweet tooth, I'd keep the portion size small. Happy Holidays!