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Welcome!! Thank you for stopping by! I'm Thao (the "h" is silent). People have pronounced my name a milliard ways—Tai, Taho, Theo, and Toe are some that come to mind. 😕  This issue has been a constant throughout my life, so I am used to it. But the "Toe" one is a bit baffling.

I am Vietnamese and have lived most of my life in Massachusetts. I am married with two young adult children. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking because it is a vessel of creativity, it fulfills my senses, and it is instant gratification. For me, to have people enjoy my cooking is one of life's simple pleasures. 

By day, I work in a busy hospital office. When I have time to cook leisurely, I like to play with recipes that require a bit of effort, such as Vietnamese Baguettes or Steak and Cheese Fried Dough. But on a typical week, between work, family, and other responsibilities, I gravitate towards cooking simple, easy to make dishes. More and more, one-pot meals, slow cooker recipes, and quick fixes are making their way into my recipe box. For instance, Chopped Clams and Linguine in Wine Sauce, One-Pot Cheesy Chicken and Gnocchi, and Steak and Cheese Bagel Sandwich are ideal for a busy weeknight or activity packed weekends.

I grew up eating home cooked Asian-American food, as a result I am open to trying different flavors as an adult. My food philosophy is if it looks good, I will try it. When it comes to cooking and eating, I like to explore various cuisines. My favorite Portuguese dish is Cacoila Sandwich; comfort food for me is Caramelized Pork and Eggs. For Mexican food, tamales are the bomb! (To be featured on the blog in the future.)

No matter what style of food you prefer or what type of schedule you are on, I hope you will find something you like here.

Before we part,  here are some other things you might like to know about me:
  • Lobster drenched in melted butter is top on my last dinner request.
  • Slow cooked pork of any kind is always a good thing.
  • I don't have a green thumb and can kill a plant just by looking at it. But with persistence, I am making progress.
  • I ran a state licensed home daycare for many years and have changed the most diapers in all the land.
  • Hand sanitizer goes with me everywhere. 
  • I wiped down shopping carriages before wiping carriages was cool.

I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about me. I am so glad you stopped by! If you would like to stay connected, please follow me on my social media sites, or subscribe via email.

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I hope to see you back here soon! Take care!




  1. I love your recipes can't wait to try one if I can decide which one

    1. Thank you so much Steph! Have fun trying them out and please let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi, Thao! We have more in common than one would think. My mom is just like yours and I hated helping her in the kitchen. Hand sanitizer: one on my work desk, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in a car and one in my purse. Need I say more? Lol. In case my pingback is not working, I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award :) No obligations whatsoever! Have an amazing day!

    1. Thank you so much, Jas!! I am very flattered that you nominated me! I'm so pleased to know that we have things in common. I knew you were my kind of gal when you spoke about the hand sanitizer! I'm telling, I should buy stock in it. Thank you for your comment! I hope we can continue to connect. :)

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  4. Hi, Thao. Don't mind the anonymous hater. They will always be out there. I happen to bump into your blog looking for quick, easy and yummy recipes. So far, I've liked what I've seen in your blog, and will be trying some of your recipes. Keep blogging, cooking, and sharing your recipes with the rest of us who can appreciate yummy food. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your support and kind words, Maria. I really appreciate it! You are right...haters will always be out there. It is best to let it go. I am so glad that you like the recipes. Please let me know what you think of them should you get chance to try them out. Thank you so much for stopping by!